Monday, 12 June 2017

Andreas Pettenkofer gives a working paper on 'Structures of indifference. Some first results of a case study on ‘middle class’ life in Delhi'

The purpose of the paper is to give a brief outline of the project that I started within the German-Indian ICAS project on ‘Metamorphoses of the Political’, and to present some first results, which at this stage are just hypotheses. The paper is mostly based on 13 life-history interviews that I did during two brief stays in Delhi, at the Institute of Economic Growth (March 2016, March 2017), while working on a still ongoing theory project. The interviews are only very superficially anonymized, so this is not for circulating. Since the project is just beginning, I would be interested in all kinds of critical suggestions. For the purpose of interdisciplinary accessibility, questions of sociological theory have been mostly put into the footnotes; nevertheless, of course, I would be very interested in critical suggestions concerning that part of the project. And obviously, I would be very interested in practical suggestions concerning access to the field

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