Tuesday, 16 June 2015

EUR 200.000 granted for the study of the early homiletic works of Johann Gottfried Herder

The Minister of State for culture and media together with the Fritz Thyssen Foundation have given an initial grant of EUR 200.000 to kickstart a new edition project at the Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies of the University of Erfurt. The grant supports the editing of Johann Gottfried Herder's early homiletic works for the coming three years.
(Dr Dominik Fugger)

Herder (1744-1803) who spend a life time in Pastoral Ministry, started his theological career 1764 in Riga. The sermons held there until 1769 form the corpus of the new, historical-critical edition. "Herder was a passionate orator," explains project manager Dr Dominik Fugger, junior fellow at the Max Weber Center. "It's a strange as well as significant facet of the history of reception of one of the most important German classics that most of these texts have remained unedited and buried in the archives until today. We are pleased that we have been enabled to unearth the rich material in the next few years and to prepare it and make it available to research." In the framework of the project the Max Weber Center in the future will also act as the network platform for different directions of research in this area.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

How to fight corruption in NGOs - New Fellowship in ethics of economics

Fighting corruption, sustainability and social standards are aims that are taken more and more serious by scholars and businesses. How such set of aims and norms are effective in practice is therefore a pressing question in the area of ethics of economics. PD Dr Bettina Hollstein, scholar in ethics of economis at the Max Weber Center, University of Erfurt, has been granted external funding to advertise for a new fellowship in this area.
The new fellow is planned to conduct research in various fields of ethics of economics using a pragmatic approach and look into NGOs practice with a particular interest in questions of corruption, environment and social standard violations. It is intended that the project provides the basis for further and broadened research in these areas which go beyond the NGO spectrum and also encompass any other form of business.
To initiate this research with a new fellowship, Dr Hollstein was given EUR162,000 over three years. 'Corruption is a major challenge for our society, a problem which we want to address with this fellowship', Professor Hartmut Rosa, Director of the Max Weber Center commented on the successful outcome of the grant application.

Dr. Bettina Hollstein
PD Dr. Bettina Hollstein
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