Friday, 25 May 2018

Rebecca Sebbagh presents a working paper on 'Rooted in Tradition? The Selection of Psalms in Jewish Liturgy'

This chapter is the basis for a lecture I will give in Modena at the symposium on"Tradition" at the 14
thof June.Too, this paper is the first draft of a bigger chapter in my project. The chapter in my project will address the choice of psalms in the Jewish liturgy. It will address the theological, literary and  practical principles that led to their choice. In it, I will not only be addressing the psalms which recitation seems to be obvious like the incipits of the psalms suggest Psalm 92 for Shabbat and Psalm 30 during Hanukka - but also the psalms for which the reason of choosing it in recitation is not entirely clear. For this, the literature will be examined and analyzed (rabbinic literature, prayer commentaries, exegesis of the bible, …).

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