Thursday, 23 November 2017

Julie Casteigt is going to present a working paper on 'Thinking in images and through images: Eckharts one-being in the other'

In this workshop, I would like to examine the problem and the method of my next book Mutuality and pocessual Thinking: Meister Eckhart and focus on the concept of reciprocal inbeing. The reason for choosing this topic is to develop the broader problem of dynamic unity in the context of a processual thinking. Here I concentrate on the commentary of a single verse (Jn 10:38) and the network of verses to which this commentary refers. In doing so, I would like to show how the metaphysical unfolding of the concept of “Being-­‐one in the other” is inseparable from the exegetical
method of Eckhart. The reciprocal inbeing of the Father and the Son in the biblical verse is not only to be metaphysically understood in the framework of the theory of participation, but as the mutually constituting being of two correlative terms. In order to think processually of the  mfutual being, Eckhart uses an exegetical method that links one  biblical image with another. At  the same time, he develops his doctrine of image as an image, or as an example, of the Being-­‐one and of the inbeing of
the Father and of the Son.

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