Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Gábor Gángó is going to present a working paper on 'Leibniz and Eastern Europe'

The aim of this paper is to reconstruct Leibniz’s views on Eastern Europe in the context of his concept of Europe. First, I present his picture on Europe in the mirror of the historical semantics of the word, while confronting Leibniz’s silence concerning the name of the East European region with the usage of the 18th century. In connection to this, I give an overview of his scientific and political activity with relation to Eastern Europe. I shall focus on the year of 1697: this year brought a shift in Leibniz’s conception of Eastern Europe with it and therefore contributes to a better understanding of his position. In the last section of my paper, I develop the political implications of Leibniz’s critique on the region, formulated by him in an aesthetical clothing.

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